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March Matters! Go Vote on March 6th!

By Hector L. Rivero, President & CEO, Texas Chemical Council and the Association of Chemical Industry of Texas.

In Texas, general elections don’t matter much these days, but Primaries do! So voting in March will impact who represents you more than you think. There are few contested general election races of consequence, but there are numerous contested primary election races, and significant philosophical differences between candidates running in primaries today. With every statewide office in Texas held by a Republican, many people think there’s no reason to vote in a primary, or that their vote won’t make a difference. However, for businesses, industries, and homeowners, the differences between candidates in party primaries can have a significant impact on your pocketbook, and your job. There’s no question that Republicans currently dominate Texas politics with 25 of the 36 Congressional seats, 20 of the 31 State Senatorial seats, and 95 of the 150 State House seats. But we shouldn’t assume that all Republican candidates think alike. Many Republicans holding office today prioritize social conservatism over business conservatism. While they may support less government regulation, it also means they do not support government economic development incentives that attract new industry investment and job growth. This can impact the ability for our industry to expand and add new jobs.

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Post Hurricane Harvey - Texas Chemical Industry Priority is Employees and Community

By Hector L. Rivero, President & CEO, Texas Chemical Council and the Association of Chemical Industry of Texas.

In the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the Texas chemical industry is focused on helping its employees and communities recover. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was displaced or impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the record flooding across the state. Your resiliency and determination are an inspiration, and we hope your recovery is swift and smooth. I am very proud of our industry’s incredible efforts to safely shut down their facilities across the state in advance of Hurricane Harvey and who prioritized the safety and wellbeing of their employees and communities before, during and after the storm. Harvey’s winds and record rainfall created major challenges for chemical facilities along the Texas Gulf Coast. Sites all along the coast implemented their emergency plans in advance of the storm to safely shut down operations, protect against environmental impacts, and allow their employees to tend to their families and property.

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