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Post Hurricane Harvey - Texas Chemical Industry Priority is Employees and Community

By Hector L. Rivero, President & CEO, Texas Chemical Council and the Association of Chemical Industry of Texas.

In the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the Texas chemical industry is focused on helping its employees and communities recover. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was displaced or impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the record flooding across the state. Your resiliency and determination are an inspiration, and we hope your recovery is swift and smooth. I am very proud of our industry’s incredible efforts to safely shut down their facilities across the state in advance of Hurricane Harvey and who prioritized the safety and wellbeing of their employees and communities before, during and after the storm. Harvey’s winds and record rainfall created major challenges for chemical facilities along the Texas Gulf Coast. Sites all along the coast implemented their emergency plans in advance of the storm to safely shut down operations, protect against environmental impacts, and allow their employees to tend to their families and property.

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Texas Port Transportation Corridors - Critical for Industry Economic Success

By Hector L. Rivero, President & CEO, Texas Chemical Council and the Association of Chemical Industry of Texas.

The need for Texas Port Transportation Corridors is critical for chemical industry economic success. These port corridors will ensure a safe and efficient route for industries near our Texas ports to transport container shipments for export to their customers. Port Transportation Corridors will make Texas more competitive with ports around the world by utilizing special “heavy haul” corridors requiring state permits that allow manufacturers to safely transport full container shipments to nearby ports.

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Coastal Spine is Needed to Protect our Industry and our Communities

By Hector L. Rivero, President & CEO, Texas Chemical Council and Association of Chemical Industry of Texas.

As we approach hurricane season, we are reminded of the devastation caused by previous storms along the Texas Coast. In 2008, Hurricane Ike was the third costliest storm event in U.S. history with an estimated $30 billion in damage, but was actually considered a “near miss”. Had Ike made landfall 30 miles to the southwest, the damage would have devastated one of the most populated regions in the country and crippled industry along the Houston Ship Channel that serve as a vital economic artery to the country and the world.

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